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Arkadi – Kournas lake – Rethymno


26 November 2017

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Monastery of Arkadi is a site not to be missed. Located in the heart of Crete, is the most famous historical Monastery on Crete, well known for the resistance against the Turks

It is said that the Byzantine emperor Arcadius founded it in the 14th century. You can visit the impressive church which is dedicated to Christ the Saviour and a small historical Museum.

Driving west after Arkadi, we arrive at the picturesque lake of Kournas, the only freshwater lake on Crete. It is lying in a valley, among the hills, in a beautiful landscape. You can walk around the lake, whose colors change according to the time of day, watch the ducks and feed them or have a refreshing swim in the shallow water. Complete the visit with a meal in one of the numerous tavernas beside the lake and enjoy the lovely view.

Next stop is the town of Rethymnon, where you can observe this unique and exciting blend of cultures. Byzantine ruins stand next to old Venetian buildings and Turkish minarets. The old town is almost untouched. Some buildings have been renovated to meet modern needs. Rethymnon is a living Museum that covers the Medieval and Modern age, where you can meet and feel its 800 years of history.


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