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Clidonas Event


12 November 2017

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June 23rd -24th
The custom of Clidonas is rooted in ancient times and is a popular divining process, according to which, unmarried girls find out the identity of the future husbands!

The custom: At Saint John’s eve, single girls gather in a house and assign to a company member the task to bring from a well or a spring the ‘’water of silence’’. The water is named this way, because the girls must perform the ritual without speaking at all. When the water is brought back to the house, they pour it in a clay jar and every girl throws in an object. The jar then is covered with a piece of red cloth and is sealed.

They place it in an open space under the light of the stars. The jar remains there for one night. The girls go back home and it said that on that night, they dream of their future husbands. On the eve of Saint John’s birthday, the villagers, light big fires, they burn their May flower crown (link από έθιμο πρωτομαγιας)and jump through the flames.

On the next day, the girl that was assigned to bring the water from the spring (or well), brings the jar into the house –the one the girls gathered the day before-. On the afternoon, the girls gather once again. This time everyone is welcome to participate: the relatives, friends and neighbors (of both sexes), are all joining this ritual as witnesses. Sitting on the center of the gathering, the girl unseals the jar (Clidon) and pulls out one by one the items that each girl had out in the night before.

Each item is said to represent the future of that girl. As she pulls out the items, the girl recites small poems of the local tradition, or poems that she makes up from her mind. The words of the poem are said to be a form of prediction for the destiny of that girl and the rest of the gathering (family, friends, neighbors) comment on the verses, trying to find a meaning, an interpretation.When this ritual is over, the girl takes a sip of water in her mouth –holds it in- and sits in front of an open window, until she hears a man’s name be called out. This is believed to be the name of her future husband.

If you stay in Diamond Apts and Suites at that time, you’ll have the chance to witness this ritual.

What better way to end the day than a fiesta? Local wine and traditional delicacies will be offered to all guests!


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